Freezer Fajitas

I absolutely love Mexican food. Fajitas have been for some time an emergency stand-by of mine – easily rustled up, including prep, in about 20 mins. I’ve started cheating a bit, though, by keeping some of the ingredients in the freezer – which make it even quicker! It’s easy to find chopped red onions, mixed peppers and garlic in the freezer cabinet of your local supermarket. That saves on all the chopping; I also think it saves on waste as you don’t end up with a sprouting onion in the back of your fridge. Freezer ingredients is a theme I’ll come back to, as it’s as good as fresh and it saves a lot of time and hassle!

Serves 2, but easy to double!

Two chicken breasts (or your choice of protein; steak, quorn, prawns, whatever), in bite sized pieces (don’t bite it yet, it’s not cooked at this stage!)

Two serving spoons of frozen red onion

Two serving spoons of frozen mixed peppers

Two teaspoons frozen garlic

One tablespoon of olive oil (or your choice of oil)

Two teaspoons of ground cumin

One teaspoon of oregano

One teaspoon of chilli powder (or to taste!!!)

Quickly fry the chicken in the oil, flipping regularly to make sure it’s cooked on each side. As it starts to go brown, add the garlic, chilli and cumin. Stir throughly, then add the onions and peppers. Keep stirring every minute or so. Once it’s close to cooked, add the oregano. That’s about it, really!

If you want to level up, a squeeze of lime juice (you can keep Jif lime or equivalent in the fridge), a splash of Worcestershire sauce or a splash of soy sauce (or all three) can be added when the veg goes in.

Serve with tortillas (make sure you warm them, it makes a huge difference) or rice, grated cheese, hot sauce etc. Oh, and a cold Corona with a tequila chaser!


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