Roquey Gnocchi

I make no apologies for combining Italian and French delicacies here as it’s blooming tasty. So Jo has started eating sheep’s milk (mainly cheese but when we were in France we found sheep’s yoghurt). Probably the most full-flavoured of these is roquefort, one of my favourites – so I concocted a quick dinner with some tinned beans, some veg and some gnocchi we had in the fridge. Here goes (serves 2 with leftovers or would stretch to 4):

One bag of gnocchi
Various ‘Mediterranean’ vegetables – courgettes, peppers, red onions etc
Tin tomatoes or passata
Tin cannelini beans (or chickpeas etc)
Garlic cloves x 2
A dessert spoon of sundried tomato paste
Mixed herbs or dried oregano and basil
Some olives
A bit of roquefort to taste

Roast the veggies in the oven at about 180 (fan oven) for about 20 mins (Quick tip: the Co-op does a great prepared bag of courgette, red onion and pepper which is perfect here).
Meanwhile, chuck a bit of olive oil in a pan and add the garlic. Cook for a min or two, careful not to brown the garlic of course! Add the tomatoes, herbs, paste etc (and a splash of red wine if you have some open), and cook down for about 15 minutes. Add the olives, throw in the roasted veg and stir. You don’t need to cook any longer once the veg is in. I love this ratatouille style of cooking this – if you cook the veg in the sauce you lose some crispness and a bit of caramelisation. Leave it to sit while you cook the gnocchi according to the packet – probably two minutes in boiling water.

Pile the sauce, which should be thick and chunky, over the gnocchi, and crumble as much or as little roquefort over the top. It’s very strong in flavour so I suggest you start small and work uo from there.

This is what it looks like – hope yours is as tasty as mine was!