Two bird roast with fig conserve

Easy one for you tonight – and strictly not for vegans this one!

When I get round to it, I try and get my meat (and some other stuff, in particular a wonderful cheese called Wigmore) from – who deliver food grown within a 35-mile radius of Bourne End, where I live. When I saw that they had a two-bird roast on the list, I couldn’t resist. This particular one was a pair of pigeon breasts and a pair of chicken breasts, wrapped in bacon. Perfect for a late father’s day lunch for my dad!

I figured I would jazz it up a bit, so I put them (I bought two for five us – plenty with enough left over for a sandwich!) on a bed of red onion and mushrooms, with a splash of white wine and roasted them in the oven for about 45 minutes. Then I brushed them with some fig conserve I found in the cupboard and roasted for a further 15 minutes. Perfect – and very easy!

Two bird roast with fig conserve

(Not the best photo – but damn tasty with some roasted sweet potatoes!).


Back of the fridge 1: Chorizo and Roquefort Spaghetti

(Back of the fridge will be an occasional post on recipe concoctions from random ingredients – often the best way to invent new dishes).

Came up with this one tonight – a right mishmash of cultures with Italian, Spanish and French ingredients. Pretty tasty though and mainly constructed from ingredients which last a long time – so a great ‘Back of the fridge’:

Chop an onion (I used a red one, which probably will work best for something like this) and sauté it in a small amount of olive oil with some garlic. Chop up half a Chorizo sausage – worth taking the skin off of course – I find it easiest to cut down the length of the Chorizo just a little bit with the point of the knife and then peel it. Chuck the chopped Chorizo in, along with some chopped peppers (I always keep a bag of frozen chopped peppers in) and sauté it all together until nicely cooked. Cook some spaghetti and when it is done, drain it, chuck it in to the sauté mixture and stir it round to mix it. Scoop some out, chuck it on a plate and crumble just a little bit of roquefort (or similar – but the saltiness of roquefort really sets it off) over the top. A dash of my favourite ingredient chilli jam sets it off nicely.

Very tasty, and probably ten minutes including prep time – nice!

Salmon or Chicken Pepperonata

So I invented something new on Sunday night – and really, really simple! This works equally well with chicken or salmon, so if you have a meat eater and a fish eater at the same table, no problem. I guess it would work with Quorn fillets, but I haven’t tried it. So, here we go:

Take four chicken breasts (or salmon fillets – or mix and match), and a jar of marinated roasted peppers in oil. Drop a bit of the oil into an oven-proof dish, pop the chicken in and drizzle a small amount of the oil over the top, with a squiz of black pepper. Roast in the oven – about 35 minutes for chicken, 15-20 for salmon. It’s worth basting the chicken halfway through – not so important for salmon. When it’s done, take it out and spoon some of the peppers from the jar over, and pop it back in the oven for five minutes (no more!).

How easy is that? If you feel like it, a small amount of grated cheese on top is nice if you aren’t dairy-free. Awesome served with potato wedges – the recipe for which will follow shortly….