Welcome carnivores, omnivores, veggies, pescatarians and vegans alike!

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I’m Sam, a keen amateur cook. Whilst I will eat more or less anything – and there’s nothing better in my mind than a great steak (we’ll get to that at some point!), I do most of the cooking for my family.

That’s where it gets complicated! My wife, mainly for health reasons, is basically vegan plus fish and eggs (yes, I know, there will be those of you who want to debate whether that’s really vegan or not – I describe it that way as that’s the easiest way to explain it to restaurants). And, just to complicate things more, my four-year-old daughter has just decided she loves animals too much to eat meat. I don’t know whether she will stick with it, but she seems pretty determined.

So the point of this blog is to talk about the complexities of catering for such a variety of culinary predilections. I’ve got reasonably handy at concocting flexible dishes that can involve meat, or not – and some interesting, tasty, vegan options suitable for carnivores too.  Expect recipes, ideas, suggestions and tasty things I have come across. Oh, and when it comes to recipes – don’t expect precision. I’m a bit of a ‘just chuck a bit in’ kind of cook…



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